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Anatomy and Neurobiology
Professor Nozomu Mori
Anatomy and Neurobiology
The Neurobiology of Aging: Toward the Healthy Long Life
Our department essentially contributes to the research and education of neuroanatomy, and our major research interest centers around the structural modifications of neurons in the aging brain. We ought to understand the mechanisms of brain aging and organismal longevity with special focus on neuron-specific genes controlling neuronal structure, survival, and longevity. To approach the questions of brain aging, there are several key issues to be considered including "maintenance and repair of neuronal circuits", "neuroplastiity and synaptic structure", and "protein quality control to protect aggregation". We explore following experimental themes to tackle the key questions in the field of neurobiology of aging, and wish to understand how we could accomplish the healthy long life in the highly aged society.

Theme 1: Neuronal activity and cognitive decline in brain aging
Theme 2: Loss of neuronal plasticity and oxidative stress in the aged brain
Theme 3: Mechanisms of neuronal cell aging and neuroprotection
Theme 4: Defects in proteostasis in neuronal aging and neurodegeneration
Theme 5: Genes of longevity

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