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Cardiovascular Medicine
Professor Koji Maemura
Cardiovascular Medicine
Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of death in the developed countries because obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are prevalent due to a lifestyle in these countries. To overcome cardiovascular diseases, we need to understand the pathophysiology and develop diagnostic methods and new therapies. Thus, not only clinical studies but also basic studies are imprtant to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. We are performing the following projects in our department;

1. Basic and clinical research into mechanisms of arteriosclerosis and acute coronary syndrome.
2. Development of biomarkers of cardiovascular disease and its clinical application. 3. Research into the application of chronotherapy to cardiovascular disease.
4. Genetic analysis of cardiomyopathy and lethal arrhythmia.
5. Epidemiology of risk factors for hypertension and genetic arrhythmia.
6. Research into the relationship between sleep disordered breathing and cardiovascular disease.
7. Research into the application of adipose tissue derived stem cells in cardiovascular regenerative medicine.