The development and propagation of antibiotics and vaccines in the mid to late 20th century brought a number of infectious diseases under control, and is regarded as one of the most significant achievements of medical sciences in the last century. Nevertheless, infectious diseases are still a leading cause of worldwide mortality. Even in developed countries like Japan, infectious diseases account for a great portion of mortality and morbidity, either directly or indirectly.

In addition, groups of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases have become threatening to human beings, including HIV/AIDS, SARS, avian flu, MRSA, TB, malaria, and prion diseases.

Nagasaki University is located in an area where human T-cell leukemia virus and hepatitis viruses are endemic, and hosts the Institute for Tropical Medicine, the only institute in Japan that specializes in tropical medicine research. With such advantages, Nagasaki University has made significant contributions to infectious disease research. Furthermore, in response to social needs to control emerging and re-emerging diseases, the Course of Emerging Infectious Diseases was established in the Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in 2000.

The mission of this course is to educate graduate students in understanding the pathogenesis of clinically important infectious diseases, especially emerging infectious diseases, and developing novel and efficacious methods for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Graduate students will learn multiple strategies against emerging infectious diseases, including basic and clinical sciences, health administration and international cooperation.

Units Departments Teacher
Core Lectures Unit of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Cytokine Signaling Toshifumi Matsuyama
Cellular and Molecular Biology Noriyuki Nishida
Immunology Katsuyuki Yui
Molecular Epidemiology Osamu Nakagomi
Infectious Diseases Koichi Izumikawa
Molecular Pharmacology of Infectious agents Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Microbiology and Oral Infection Koji Nakayama
Complementary Lectures Unit of Tropical Infectious Diseases Institute of Tropical Medicine
Collaborative Course Unit of Hepatology (Collaborative Course) Nagasaki Medical Center
Unit of Mycobacteriosis (Collaborative Course)   Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Associatio