Nagasaki University School of MEDICAL SCIENCES

Research Areas

Department of
Medical and Molecular Oncology

Professor Hiroaki Ikeda

(A) Research focus:
Department of Oncology aims to develop innovative new therapy of cancer patients with specific focus on cancer immunotherapy. Our recent projects includes 1) pre-clinical and clinical development of adoptive cell therpy with gene-modified T cells such as TCR-T cells and CAR-T cells, 2) development of cell therapy utilizing allogeneic cells aiming to establish an "Off-The-Shelf" cell therapy of cancer patients, 3) development of personalized cancer immunotherapy such as neo-antigen-targeting T cell therapy.

(B) Education/training focus:
Department of Oncology aims to provide students with comprehensive understanding of molecular and cellular biology of cancer, introduction of clinical onclogy, and basic views of development of new thrapy for cancer patients. Department of Oncology also encourages studens to train themselves for scientific and logical thinkings and actions.