Nagasaki University School of MEDICAL SCIENCES

Research Areas

Department of
Macroscopic Anatomy

Professor Toshiyuki Tsurumoto

Education for medical students;
The systemic gross anatomy is lectured for understanding the basic structures of human bodies to the 1st grade students. The dissections of human bodies are carried out by the 2nd grade students to understand the human bodies in detail. Furthermore, the human bodies are dissected by the 4th grade students to learn clinical human anatomy.

Research activities;
1. Various morphological analyses for ageing phenomena in human bone and joint.
(1) Deformities with ageing, degeneration and osteoarthritis in the human joints and vertebrae are analyzed with the viewpoints of morphology and genomic analyses.
(2) Human long tubular bones are studied by means of the manually polished sections; osteons in the cortical bones and packets in the trabecular bones are analyzed with low grade magnification microscope
2. Physical anthropological studies with various ancient skeletons excavated from many sites in Kyushu islands.
3. Macroscopic anatomical analyses for revealing the typological consideration of human body structures.
4. Clinical anatomical studies to approach some etiological considerations of various diseases and pathological conditions.