Nagasaki University School of MEDICAL SCIENCES

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Department of
Medical Informatics


The main task of Department of Medical Informatics is management and operation support of HIS(hospital information system). Specifically, we will establish an IT environment to support patient-centered medical care, support hospital information system operation to maintain safe medical care, improve the environment for hospital management support, and support regional medical networking system of “AJISAI” net. In addition to these items, we play a lot of roles such as support for information security measures which is being clouded up in recent years. Finally, we will support the research activities and the managemental activities by constructing DWH (Data ware House) system which is a secondary utilization system of patient information.

The photograph is a schematic diagram of the new general hospital information system (HIS) which started in January 2015. Surrounding EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system and order-entry system, there are over 30 subsystems connecting and organic integrating. We are managing and operating these integrated systems.