Nagasaki University School of MEDICAL SCIENCES

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Professor Takashi Kitaoka

Our department provides advanced ophthalmological treatment for patients with a broad range of diseases to the community. Because our chairman and department specializes in vitreoretinal disease, a number of operations have been performed in our role as an educational hospital for vitreoretinal surgery. In addition, we are particularly concerned with macular edema and promote treatment and research. Based on our abundant cases, clinical studies of vitreo-macular disease have been published and are ongoing. We carry out studies of chorioretinal blood flow in patients with diabatic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and age-related macular degeneration. Furthermore, anterior eye and corneal diseases, glaucoma, uveitis and neoplastic diseases are commonly treated in our hospital. Not only clinical research, but also basic research is actively conducted. Using improved methods of measuring trans-epithelial resistance (TER) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of cornea, a greater understanding of the injurious effects of eye-drops, additive substances and antiseptic solutions has been obtained. We conduct molecular biological work and stem-cell research. Research is sometimes conducted in conjunction with outside research facilities. Using three dimensional retinal organoids differentiated from stem cells, techniques were developed for inducing ciliary epithelium-like structures and neurite outgrowth from retinal ganglion cells.