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Researches of our department consist mainly of otology, laryngology and esophagology.
In otology, we are examining cytomegalovirus (CMV) as a cause of congenital deafness. We analyzed the long-term efficacy of cochlear implantation (CI) in those children, and found a clear difference between those with and without brain abnormalities on MRI. We also started a project of early diagnosis of congenital CVM infection by combining newborn hearing screening and urine analysis of CMV virus. We are also performing a cohort study in Vietnam examining the influence of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on the incidence of otitis media with effusion in children. In laryngology, we developed a high-speed digital imaging system of the vocal fold vibration in order to examine abnormal vibration of vocal fold in various diseases, which cannot be detected by stroboscopy when no stable phonation frequency is not observed. We have detected a unique vocal fold movement in patients with polypous vocal cord and those with recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis. High-resolution manometry is a new device of analyzing the kinetics of deglutition in the pharynx and esophagus by measuring the pressure using more than 30 small pressure sensors, and the results are demonstrated on a two dimensional images on the monitor (figure). We have already established normal values of various parameters of swallowing pressures and velocities, and are analyzing the dynamic pathophysiology of swallowing in patients with various diseases as well as the effects of surgery for improving the swallowing function such as cricopharyngeal myotomy. We also obtained an evidences of efficacy of various rehabilitative maneuvers for swallowing using this manometry.
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