One Health Conference - Connecting Knowledge, Improving Practice November 6-7, 2015 Nagasaki, Japan
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It is our great pleasure to invite you to the First Conference on One Health in Japan.
The Conference will be held November 6th and 7th at the Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Sakamoto campus.

This One Health Conference, the first ever to be held in Japan, will bring together experts in the fields of human, animal, and environmental health in a series of six symposia. There will also be world-class keynote speakers and plenary sessions.

Nagasaki University School of Medicine was established in 1857 as the first medical school in Japan to teach Western Medicine. Through our national and international outreach programs we continue to grow as an internationally recognized medical organization with research outposts in Vietnam and Kenya, as well as many academic and research programs with esteemed universities around the world. In hosting the first ever One Health Conference in Japan, we continue our tradition of taking a leadership role in forging a stronger, more integrated, international medical community.

As conference president, I am honored to be able to open our school to the greater international community of academics, scholars in all disciplines, representatives of international health and environmental agencies, NGOs, governmental agencies, and to all students of science-both young and old. Through the One Health approach we will be better able to direct our collective knowledge toward the improvement of practice in facing global health and environmental challenges.

I look forward to seeing you in Nagasaki in November.


Isao Shimokawa, MD, PhD.
Dean, Nagasaki University School of Medicine
Conference President, First Japan Conference on One Health



Nagasaki University School Of Medicine
Nagasaki, Japan





There is a critical global need for a new OneWorld, OneHealth, OneMedicine concept stemming in part from divisions between humans, veterinary medicine, food security system, and environmental challenges, which have hampered educational programs, communications campaigns, and public health systems.

Th OneHealth aim is knowledge-based advocacy to seek optimal health for people, animals, and the environment through an integrated approach that will improve upon current health disparities and inequities.

The OneHealth global strategy provides a roadmap for understanding and administering the critical need for adopting and implementing a practical, hands-on OneHealth approach as a human clinical health care modality approach. It captures the fundamentals of OneHealth by advising human health care practitioners to participate in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations utilizing health expertise and others in order to provide enhanced, expeditious, and better quality of life worldwide. The benefits of such an approach can be summarized as:
- Improved diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases transmitted between animals and people.
- Comprehensive approach to human development and security issues.
- Improved integrative management strategy.
- Improved workforce.
- Improved environmental health measures and early detection of environmental health hazards.
- Comprehensive approach to food safety and security.
- Improved patient outcomes.
- Satisfaction of stakeholders.






Conference chair

Nagasaki University School of Medicine
Dean Isao Shimokawa

Conference Co-chair

Assoc. Dean of Global Health;
Director of Institute of International Health
Dr. Reza Nassiri
Hallym University, College of Medicine
Dean Kyung Soon Hong

Special invited speaker

Professor of Pediatrics and Human Development (Ret.)
Dr. James E. Trosko



Nagasaki University


Michigan State University


Hallym University

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