Best surgery for now and future Professor:Susumu Eguchi
Professor:Susumu Eguchi

Carry on tradition and promote further evolution

I was appointed as the 6th professor of the Dept of Surgery (Second Department) of the graduate school of Nagasaki University on January 1st, 2012. I look forward to working with you all. 

The Dept of Surgery (Second Department) has a 78-year history since the first and second departments were established in 1934, and during this time, five professors including Prof Kohei Koyano, Prof Hideo Tsujimura, Prof Takashi Hirai, Prof Ryoichi Tsuchiya, and Prof Takashi Kanematsu have developed this department. I would carry on this profound tradition and lead this course with my young power to change and develop it into a shape that can meet the needs of modern society. 

I graduated from Nagasaki University in 1992 and am currently 46 years old, making me one of the youngest surgeons in charge of universities in Japan. Although my experience, knowledge, and skills may be inferior compared to professors with long years of experience, my passion, ambition, determination, and physical strength with regards to surgery are not inferior. I intend to continue to stand at the forefront and take the lead in surgery. I am well prepared for taking this big leap into the department.

Surgical department rooted in a region extending to the world

Carrying out advanced medical care and difficult surgery in university hospitals is now a natural mission. I believe that our mission working for the university hospital is to understand the heart of patients, learn from patients, carry out research that may be advantageous to patients, and steadily transmit new information such that Nagasaki Prefecture will attract the attention of the world and gather people to this place. 

In addition to daily consultations, research, and education, we would like to consider regional contributions and internationalization by retaining the department lessons mentioned in the beginning. Let’s undertake surgical treatment that is advantageous, not only for current patients, but also for future patients.