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欧 文

[原 著]
  1. Miyata Y, Nomata K, Ohba K, Matsuo T, Sagara Y, Kanetake H, Sakai H:Use of low-dose combined therapy with gemcitabine and paclitaxel for advanced urothelial cancer patients with resistance to cisplatin-containing therapy: a retrospective analysis. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 70(3) 451-459 2012
  2. Watanabe S, Miyata Y, Matsuo T, Mochizuki Y, Nishikido M, Hayashi T, Sakai H.:High density of tryptase-positive mast cells in patients with renal cell carcinoma on hemodialysis: correlation with expression of stem cell factor and protease activated receptor-2. Hum Pathol 43(6) 888-897 2012
  3. Miyata Y, Watanabe S, Matsuo T, Hayashi T, Sakai H, Xuan JW, Greer PA, Kanda S.: Pathological significance and predictive value for biochemical recurrence of c-Fes expression in prostate cancer. Prostate 72(2) 201-208 2012
  4. Miyata Y, Watanabe S, Kanetake H, Sakai H.: Thrombospondin-1-derived 4N1K peptide expression is negatively associated with malignant aggressiveness and prognosis in urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract. BMC Cancer 2012
  5. Mochizuki Y, Iwata T, Nishikido M, Uramatsu T, Sakai H, Taguchi T: De novo minimal change disease after ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation. Clin Transplant 26(s-2) 81-85

[著 書]
  1. Y Miyata ,H Sakai ,S Kanda: [part2 Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prognostic Factora] Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in Bladder Cancer.( Edited by Abdullah Erdem Canada :BLADDER CANCER –From Basic Science to Robotic Surgery INTECH - open access publisher 117-128) 2012

  1. Matsuo T, Ohba K, Miyata Y, Sakai H: Nocturial catheterization in patients with clean intermittent
    Catheterization impaires their quality of life and is associated with sleep disorder. ICS 2012 Abstract 113, 2012
  2. Matsuo T, Nakamura T, Miyata Y, Ohba K, Sakai H: New Treatment Strategy for Neurogenic Bladder in Patients with HTLV-1-associated Myelopathy. ICS 2012 Abstract 204, 2012
  3. Matsuo T, Ohba K, Miyata Y, Sakai H: Bladder Weight Increases After Panhysterectomy, Especially in Patients Who Have Received Radiotherapy or Have Constipation. IUGA 2012 Abstract 307, 2012

邦 文

[原 著]
  1. 松尾朋博,酒井 英樹:タムスロシンあるいはシロドシンの効果が不十分であった前立腺肥大症患者に対するナフトピジル75mg/日の臨床効果.泌尿器外科 25(9) 1821-1826, 2012
  2. 木原敏晴,酒井英樹:夜尿症および昼間尿失禁患児における潜在性二分脊椎の検討.夜尿症研究 17 47-50,2012

[総 説]
  1. 井川掌,酒井英樹:【腎疾患治療マニュアル2012-13】泌尿器科疾患 前立腺癌.腎と透析 72増刊 546-550 2012
  2. 木原敏晴:【ダウン症の子どもたちと共に生きる】ダウン症児の排尿管理.小児歯科臨床17(8)15-19
  3. 井川掌:【患者説明にそのまま使える!よくわかる泌尿器科検査の知識】(第2章)泌尿器科検査の基礎知識とケア 核医学検査.泌尿器ケア 夏季増刊 138-148 2012
  4. 井川掌:泌尿器がんにおけるネオアジュバント療法 前立腺癌のネオアジュバント療法3 密封小線源治療におけるネオアジュバント療法.尿路悪性腫瘍研究会記録 38巻 58-62 2012
  5. 酒井英樹,松尾朋博:【最新・薬物治療の実際】前立腺肥大症の薬物療法.CLINIC magazine No.520 41-45 2012

[著 書]
  1. 酒井英樹:【泌尿器科疾患】長期尿道留置カテーテル患者のケア.(山口 徹,北原光夫,福井次夫(編):今日の治療指針2012年版(Volume54)私はこう治療している,医学書院,東京,pp988-989所収)2012