The work of brilliant doctor never ends
Medical doctors must provide a state-of-art practice for suffering people. Microorganisms in infectious disease are our primary target both in clinical settings and research field. These invisible threats evolve continuously with acquiring better pathogenesis including drug resistance. Human beings have to overcome and it is important to keep effort making progress in the field.

“The work of brilliant doctor never ends” is the most appropriate word for us to move forward to eliminate fatal infectious diseases.
The meaning to exist of “Department of infectious diseases”
Infectious disease physicians need best skills and knowledge of diagnosing and treatment of infectious diseases. In addition, we need research work for improving diagnosing skills and treatment efficacy so that we are able to develop a broad vision for selecting a correct antimicrobial agent with consideration of impacts on a global environment and economy. Learning at actual clinical settings is the key for an achievement of these aims; and our “Department of infectious diseases” exists for it.

Being an unique department, establishing best hospital,
and being a leader in the world
Basic and translational researches from a clinical inspiration were extremely required to improve and create a novel strategy of management for infectious diseases. Many departments and facilities for researches are existed in Nagasaki University. We can conduct various kinds of studies with these departments for resolution of important clinical issues.

We are intended to be a unique department which can produce research progress from creative vision, to establish a best hospital which provides best practice for patients, and to be a global leading university of research in infectious diseases field.

It is an attractive challenge to manage infectious diseases as well as microorganisms which have overpowered numbers and kinds compared to those of human.