About School of Medical Sciences

Teaching Staff
School of Medical Sciences
Basic Medicine Research area in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Macroscopic Anatomy Prof. Toshiyuki Tsurumoto Medical and Dental Sciences Macroscopic Anatomy
Histology and Developmental Anatomy Prof. Takehiko Koji Histology and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Neurobiology Prof. Nozomu Mori Anatomy and Neurobiology
Neurobiology and Behavior Prof. Kazuyuki Shinohara Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Neurobiology and Behavior
Molecular Physiology Prof. Naomasa Makita Medical and Dental Sciences Molecular Physiology
Biochemistry Prof. Takashi Ito Biochemistry
Pharmacology Prof. Jun Aruga Pharmacology
Pathology Prof. Isao Shimokawa Pathology
Immunology Prof. Katsuyuki Yui Infection Research Immunology
Medical Microbiology Prof. Noriyuki Nishida Cellular and Molecular Biology
Medical and Molecular Oncology Prof. Hiroaki Ikeda Medical and Dental Sciences Medical and Molecular Oncology

Social Medicine Research area in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Public Health Prof. Kiyoshi Aoyagi Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Public Health
Forensic Medicine Prof. Kazuya Ikematsu Medical and Dental Sciences Forensic Pathology and Science
Community Medicine Prof. Takahiro Maeda Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Community Medicine
Medical Informatics Prof. Masayuki Honda Medical Informatics

Clinical Medicine Research area in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Internal Medicine I Prof. Atsushi Kawakami Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Immunology and Rheumatology
Internal Medicine II Prof. Hiroshi Mukae Medical and Dental Sciences Respiratory Medicine
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Prof. Kazuhiko Nakao Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Cardiovascular Medicine Prof. Koji Maemura Cardiovascular Medicine
Psychiatry Prof. Hiroki Ozawa Neuropsychiatry
Pediatrics Prof. Hiroyuki Moriuchi Pediatrics
Surgery I Prof. Takeshi Nagayasu Surgical Oncology
Surgery II Prof. Susumu Eguchi Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery Prof. Makoto Osaki Orthopaedic Surgery
Dermatology Prof. Hiroyuki Murota Dermatology
Urology Prof. Hideki Sakai Urology
Ophthalmology Prof. Takashi Kitaoka Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Otolaryngology Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Radiology Prof. Masataka Uetani Radiological Science
Obstetrics and Gynecology Obstetrics and Gynecology
Anesthesiology Prof. Tetsuya Hara Anesthesiology
Neurosurgery Prof. Takayuki Matsuo Neurosurgery
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Prof. Katsumi Tanaka Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery Prof. Kiyoyuki Eishi Cardiovascular Surgery
Laboratory Medicine Prof. Katsunori Yanagihara Laboratory Medicine
Clinical Pathology Prof. Junya Fukuoka Pathology
General Medicine Prof. Takahiro Maeda General Medicine
Clinical Oncology Prof. Kazuto Ashizawa Clinical Oncology
Infectious Disease Medicine Prof. Koichi Izumikawa Infection Research Infectious Diseases

Advanced Medical Education Center Prof. Toru Yasutake
Biomedical Research Support Center
Medical University Research Admistrator
Institutional Research Office
Atomic Bomb Disease Institute
Radiation Risk Control Unit Research area in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Radiation Molecular Epidemiology Life Sciences and Radiation Research Radiation Molecular Epidemiology
Global Health, Medicine and Welfare Prof. Noboru Takamura Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Global Health, Medicine and Welfare
Radiation Molecular Epidemiology Life Sciences and Radiation Research Radiation Medical Sciences
Radiation Biology and Protection Prof. Naoki Matsuda Radiation Biology and Protection
Health Risk Control   Health Risk Control

Cellular Function Analysis Unit
Stem Cell Biology Prof. Tao-Sheng Li Life Sciences and Radiation Research Stem Cell Biology
Molecular Medicine Prof. Yuji Nagayama Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Molecular Medicine

Atomic Bomb Disease and Hibakusha Medicine Unit
Hematology Prof. Yasushi Miyazaki Life Sciences and Radiation Research Hematology
Tumor and Diagnostic Pathology Prof. Masahiro Nakashima Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Tumor and Diagnostic Pathology
Radioisotope Medicine Prof. Takashi Kudo Life Sciences and Radiation Research Radioisotope Medicine

Genomic Function Analysis Unit
Human Genetics Prof. Koichiro Yoshiura Advanced Peventive Medical Sciences Human Genetics
Genome Repair   Life Sciences and Radiation Research Genome Repair

Center for Promotion of Collaborative Research on Radiation and Environment Health Effects
Strategic Collaborative Research Prof. Naomi Hayashida Life Sciences and Radiation Research Radiation Environment Health Effects
Nagasaki University Hospital
Research area in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Hospital Pharmacy Prof. Hitoshi Sasaki Medical and Dental Sciences Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Neurology and Strokology Prof. Akira Tsujino
Nephrology Prof. Tomoya Nishino Medical and Dental Sciences Nephrology
Emergency Medical Center Prof. Osamu Tasaki Emergency Medicine
Clinical Research Center Prof. Hiroshi Yamamoto
Medical Education Development Center Prof. Hisayuki Hamada
Life Science Support Center
Research area in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Radioisotope Development
Comparative Medicine Prof. Kazutaka Ohsawa Medical and Dental Sciences Comparative Medicine
Functional Genomics   Functional Genomics