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Closing Remark

Prof. Masataka Uetani
Director of Education Center for Forensic Pathology and Science, Nagasaki University

I am Dr. Uetani, working as a radiologist at the Nagasaki University Hospital as well as a director of Education Center for Forensic Pathology and Science in Nagasaki University School of Medicine. On behalf of the organizers of this conference, it is my pleasure to make a few closing remarks and express gratitude to all who made this meeting successful.

We started postmortem CT in Nagasaki University School of Medicine several years ago. Then, we radiologists began to be involved by forensic medicine, whether we liked or not. As you know, autopsy rate is less in Japan due to a lack of specialists. Instead, postmortem imaging is now widely used an alternative to an autopsy or determine whether an autopsy is needed. The significance and usefulness of postmortem imaging is gradually increasing in the fields of radiology, forensic medicine and emergency medicine in Japan. I appreciate this valuable opportunity to know the advanced systems in forensic radiology from five countries including Germany, Australlia, Switzerland South Korea and Japan. It has been a good opportunity to have a friendship with researchers who have a keen interest and knowledge in forensic radiology as well.

Finally, we would like express my thanks to Dr Murakami, who made a great effort for preparing this meeting from beginning to end. Ladies and gentleman, please give him a big applaud
Thank you all of you again. Please do enjoy rest of your stay here in Nagasaki.

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