“You’ve got to find what you love”

This is a passage from a congratulatory address given by Steve Jobs at the graduation ceremony of Stanford University in 2005. The conclusion “Stay hungry, stay foolish” is a famous phrase honors. However, I feel great empathy with the passage in terms of attempting to discover what it is you want to do without compromising.

This is most important when choosing an occupation for life. Otherwise, I believe that every day will be unpleasant and will lose its luster as a worthwhile life time job.

I would like to share with you the tense atmosphere and adrenalin rush experienced in the operating room. Let's spend high quality time together in the operating room.
Professor:Susumu Eguchi

Surgeons are able to experience a time in which they are released from distractions and can focus on the surgery of a single patient for hours. Additionally, in cancer treatment, we have a duty to intervene with their own hands and commit to the total care of a patient by utilizing acquired skills. Some department members will aim to become a specialist in endoscopy and anticancer drugs, or an ultimate generalist by making use of their surgical experience. We will teach and foster you so that you can be considered a full-fledged surgeon. However, you need to work hard to become top class. Our department is therefore filled with smiles. Let’s become a leading group and work together to be the best!